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Allergycare of Cool Springs is pleased to offer a new, exciting and innovative allergy treatment that doesn't require shots! Whether your symptoms include sneezing, congestion, a runny nose and itchiness in the nose, roof of your mouth, throat, eyes or ears, you can now benefit from allergy DROPS. This simple, safe and effective treatment has been used in Europe for decades and works by placing customized drops under your tongue — which can be administered at home, without injections!

Better yet, seasonal allergy sufferers can benefit from allergy drops too! Simply by starting treatment before your impending allergy season arrives, you can build tolerance to the allergens from which you suffer and reduce your symptoms before they start.

So if you don't like or don't respond well to shots or other allergy therapies, allergy drops are the ideal solution.

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John PrinceJohn Prince
01:43 13 Jun 24
Patient of Dr. Owen’s for nearly 20 years. He helped me overcome severe allergies to cats and dogs that caused severe asthma. The allergy drops worked wonders for me and helped me overcome to a point to where I could actually be around cats and dogs again. Highly recommend Dr. Owen!
Janet SullivanJanet Sullivan
03:51 28 May 24
Jerome D. ReganJerome D. Regan
18:57 18 May 24
Dr Owen and his staff have always treated myself and my family members who sought his treatment for our allergies with the best care and the latest tested methods. I highly recommend him both personally and professionally.
Live Intentionally MomLive Intentionally Mom
13:27 17 May 24
I have had a great experience so far. The testing is complete and my daughter has just started taking the allergy drops. Both Dr. Owen and the pharmacy have been very kind and helpful throughout the process. Although we have just started taking the drops, I have read many past reviews on Dr. Owen and the wonderful results of the allergy drops. My daughter has severe allergies and we are hopeful this will help her significantly!
Jennifer HesseJennifer Hesse
21:18 16 May 24
Recommend for allergy and asthma needs!
Scott GreenhagenScott Greenhagen
22:14 06 May 24
After 11 years of weekly appointments for allergy shots with previous specialists, I was excited to find Allergycare of CS with its promise of immunotherapy through simple drops under the tongue at home. I am so glad I made the switch! Dr. Owen is so understanding and supportive of the struggles that allergies bring. Through his recommended combination of prescription medications and allergy drops, I have experienced significant improvements with my symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Owen, I have not had a sinus infection or ear infection in years! Highly recommended!
Joe BreenJoe Breen
14:03 05 May 24
Dr. Owen has gone above and beyond supporting my son’s allergic reactions status. He has been incredible working through the testing and analysis and thoroughly communicating the results and status.